Magic of Chaos

Encouraging other humans to find humor in being imperfect. Dancing is encouraged. Watch your step though, this place is a mess.

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new normal. again.

For 14 months we have been hearing the phrase “the new normal”. Oddly enough, the new normal keeps changing and now we are almost back to “old normal”? I think? The CDC released guidance today indicating that if you are fully vaccinated you can resume pre-pandemic activities without social distancing or masks in most situationsContinue reading “new normal. again.”

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special education.

Four of my five children have required IEPs or 504s during their school careers. I have attended so many meetings and evaluations over the years and it can be pretty overwhelming. The first two kids to go through school were both sent for evaluations through the child study team during pre-k. We were lucky enoughContinue reading “special education.”

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It’s said that raising a child takes a village. While I think this is true, I also think it’s so much more than that. Twenty plus years as a parent has taught me an extraordinary number of things, good and bad. One thing that seems to always hold true is the sacred power of theContinue reading “village.”

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