Magic of Chaos

Encouraging other humans to find humor in being imperfect. Dancing is encouraged. Watch your step though, this place is a mess.

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lost things.

Where do all the lost things go? Who TF knows. Around here some weird stuff goes missing, you know, like every damned fork we’ve ever owned. Bowls, cups, plates. How? Why? Chaos, that’s why. Earlier this week I was making my husband’s requested dinner for Father’s Day which involves cans of beans and tomatoes (recipeContinue reading “lost things.”

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therapy. and Boy George.

Today was my first session back in therapy which was long overdue. It can take some trial and error to find the right therapist. In some cases its evident right from the start that someone isn’t right for you… let me explain. I arrived moments before my scheduled appointment. Temperature checked, signed in and thenContinue reading “therapy. and Boy George.”

brave doctor in flying superhero cape with fist stretched


During a recent conversation with my son we talked about the power of kindness and how a compliment can impact someone so deeply. It got me thinking about how we all have the power to impact someone else in a positive way and that makes humans pretty incredible. While we were in the car onContinue reading “superpowers.”

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