It’s Happening.

“Launch Day” (is that what you call sharing a new blog?) was a success! This site got more traffic than I could have hoped for in a million years yesterday! Thank you for laughing with me and all your shares… tell all your friends! All are welcome! Unless they are assholes, don’t tell those friends. Maybe those aren’t really friends… just something to ponder.


I’m still figuring this out, thank you for hanging in while I do. I’d like to tell you it will get better or I’ll get it right soon but that’s not likely. As usual I’m flying by the seat of my pants and researching/figuring shit out as I go. Which leads me to an update:

Social media links have been added to the contact section!

I’ve created a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page for the blog. This way I can post updates to the public. While I’m a pretty open book, there are some things I need to keep private so on top of all the other things I’m doing at any given moment I’ll also be checking multiple social media accounts. I better get an organizer. At least some post-it notes or something.

Instagram get’s highest marks for ease in setting up a new account to be associated with a blog. They are like “Do you want this to be for a business? Click this button. Identify as a blogger. Done.” Thank you, Instagram for making it easy for impatient schmucks like me to click buttons for our needs. Facebook and Twitter are just my name and awkward photo for now, I’ll figure out how to change those later I suppose. Facebook keeps asking me for my hometown and where I went to school, like you care.

Lily has been very excited about this adventure. Today after asking me how the blog was doing she said “What do blogs do exactly?”. HA! She’s obviously my kid. I explained it and she wants me to use this space to tell you that things dipped in chocolate are delicious, especially if they were salty things such as pretzels. So that’s Wadleigh imparted wisdom straight to your noggin, you’re welcome.

I signed up for the WordPress courses that are supposed to teach me how to run this thing properly so hopefully I’ll be able to make this an even more enjoyable experience for you as I learn. Feel free to make suggestions, requests etc. of things you’d like to see. Just be nice, I tend not to listen if you’re being a dick.

Gonna cut this off now, Oliver is screaming “MOM!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” across the entire house which means I should probably tend to that. Apologies to my neighbors that have to hear updates on my son’s bowel habits… we appreciate you not calling the cops on all the screaming.

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