Starting From Scratch

Why not take on another thing to do when you already don’t have time to pee…

So, you’ve decided to start a blog. Well, you didn’t, but I did. Simple yes? Turns out, not so much. Not only do you have to name it. You have to think of a tag line, color scheme, learning a new website… ok. BREATHE. Let’s start with a name.

I wanted to capture a few things so you knew what you’d be in for once you arrived. I started playing with some words I liked to see if I could come up with a quick, easy name that would capture our essence here at the Wadleigh house. Some things that came to mind:

Flawed, human, imperfect/imperfection, wild, mess, abundance, forgivable

Good start right? So let’s see what else the old brain came up with:

Feral, untamed, tameless

These captured some key features of my house, mainly that sometimes you can’t tell if we are creatures that have been living behind a dumpster during recent history but there was a little bit of a problem with these. What’s the problem, Amanda? These are funny… Yeah. They totally are. Funny story though, do you know how much porn contains “untamed” or “tameless” or “wild”? I figured maybe I should steer clear of that in case I wanted to share my blog with old Aunt Edna and accidentally directed her to college co-eds having too much fun on spring break. Whoops.

Of course I threw out some name ideas to Sid whose brain typically functions better than mine. I warned him about the porn stuff and he just suggested that I make my writing alias “Titties McGee” and he could be my trusty sidekick/husband “Wang Boner”. Not helpful, bae.

I really wanted to use the word magic, mostly because I believe that every day things are magic. Sunrises and sunsets are magic, the ocean is magic, nature is magic, a good hairstylist is magic… oh and coffee. That is like uber magic. I promise I won’t fill this page with instructions on how to do card tricks or saw ladies in half… but I may post an occasional nature blog or a really good cup of joe.

Then I was stuck, so I did what anyone would do when making a huge decision- I asked the internet. I posted on my Facebook page and asked people who have always been privy to our shenanigans to throw out some ideas. Let me tell you, I know some creative people and I got some great ones- someone suggested “organized chaos”. While I love this, organized is an outright lie so I tweaked it and “Magic of Chaos” came to be.

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2 thoughts on “Starting From Scratch

  1. You are hilarious and a gifted writer – my new favorite blog – thank you for always making me laugh – and laugh hard! Congratulations

  2. I’ve never written or read someone’s blog but I already know I’m gonna enjoy this. Keep up the Magic!

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