hot coffee.

Another morning requires more coffee. As much as I dislike admitting dependence on anything, coffee is life. The first thing I like to do in the morning is walk down the hallway and pour hot coffee into my favorite mug (which changes sometimes because mugs are awesome). My husband has this habit of making coffee in the late afternoon or evening, because he is capable of consuming caffeine and then still going to bed… I swear he may be a lizard person. Anyway, yesterday was one such day which meant this morning there was 3/4 of a pot of cold coffee awaiting me on the counter. Blech. Sid likes his coffee room temperature (again, lizard person) so I filled up his trusty mug and was left with at least 1/2 a pot of coffee I didn’t want to drink. Having little money for most all of my life has left my brain with a tendency to not waste ANYTHING. So for a moment I pondered pouring cold coffee into my mug to rewarm in the microwave (which would then beep 758 times before I remembered to retrieve it) but, well, its not the same!

This inspired a four and a half minute internal battle about wasting the coffee or just sucking it up to drink for the first cup while I brewed a fresh pot for later. Have I mentioned I’m an over thinker? Anyway, I suddenly realized something: I DESERVE THE GOOD COFFEE. Decision made. I deserve fresh, piping hot coffee that may remove some of my mouth skin when I take the first soul quenching sip. LET’S DO THIS.

How simple is it to make coffee? Probably one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen right? Well, lets see how this goes in the Wadleigh house. So I can’t easily access the coffee pot and all the coffee supplies because Owen’s backpack is in the dishwasher. So I have to make room to get to the cabinet above where I keep the life sustaining supplies. Oh, did you want me to explain the backpack in the dishwasher? Sure thing. Well, the dishwasher was open and the top rack was pulled out being used as a temporary flat surface for backpack filling from school prep the night before. Why would you use your dishwasher in this way, you weirdos? Well, BECKY, because every flat surface in this house is covered in THINGS. All the time. No matter how much we clear them it is mere MINUTES before every flat surface in this house has something on it. Sometimes we get so tired of trying that we just don’t. Lucky us, we have a dishwasher that can be used as a backup.

Now, I can see the argument here that doing the school stuff the night before doesn’t relieve the stress that comes with getting multiple humans out on time when you’re tripping over your dishwasher in your galley style kitchen trying to make coffee. Listen, I warned you. It’s a circus.

So, after making space to access my stash of caffeine in a can, I poured the cold coffee down the sink. I thanked it first, for the purpose it served and the happiness it brought (Marie Kondo- you catch that girl? I believe in your method but apparently my kids don’t so you’d be overjoyed at the mess there is to tackle up in here) and I made myself a new pot of coffee. Luckily, Oliver decided to take a bath 20 min before the bus was arriving so I was plenty occupied while I waited for the nectar of the Gods to slowly drip into the carafe. Try explaining the restrictions of time to a 4.5 year old that has decided his feet are stinky before you’ve had coffee- go ahead. I dare you.

I’ll leave you with this. Mornings are hectic. Life is hectic. Kids are hectic. Sometimes you need to ignore your anxiety about the starving zebras in Africa that would have really enjoyed having that coffee and just make yourself happy. Make yourself the damned fresh coffee, you deserve it.

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