star wars day.

May 4th

A nerdy holiday? Count. Me. In!

Star Wars has been part of my life since my early years. Lucky for me, nerd appears to be genetic and my Uncle used to tell me all about how George Lucas used to say he should have named it “Car Wars” because the design of the ships were inspired by car parts. I haven’t bothered to fact check this because I have few memories I like to keep in tact from childhood and I’m not going to disappoint myself if its not true.

As a kid, I used to get terrified when my favorite characters were stuck in the garbage pit and the walls were closing in with swimming eyeballs all around. The terror was balanced by a love of Chewbacca, Ewoks and a fascination with Yoda. I mean, come on. He’s small, green, has giant ears and talks like your relatives who’ve had too much Budweiser at your cousins birthday party, right? Oh… your family wasn’t like that? Just lucky I suppose!

My kids appear to have taken enough interest in the franchise to keep my nerdy little heart happy and The Mandalorian solidified why green aliens with oversized ears should be cherished your whole life through. My kids even wanted their very own ‘baby yoda’ (I know, it’s Grogu and he’s not a baby yoda. This isn’t my first rodeo, clowns). Unfortunately, licensed toys are pricey but fortunately, mom can work a crochet hook so they got their wish!

Grogu Amigurumi

Pinterest has a ton of ideas for things you can do with your padawans to celebrate the day, all which involve too much planning and organization for me to pull off. There’s crafts, snacks, games and more- a great round up of all different kinds of fun celebrations can be found here. For those of you with motivation that doesn’t come from the bottom of your 3rd cup of coffee in two hours, enjoy! I’ll likely just try to convince my kids that we need to watch one after dinner. They’ll whine and say “UGH, again mom?” and I’ll say “It’s the law. My law. Because I’m the nerd sheriff.” and they’ll roll their eyes and go back to their tablets. Oh well, guess that means I get to watch by myself! Until someone wants a snack…

For more fun memes to celebrate the day, check out YourTango here!

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