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After a hectic, stressful week our souls needed a little love. I wanted to share some of the things that help keep me sane…

Yesterday after work, I started feeling a little dizzy. I have a notion that my vertigo may be tied to allergies since it happened this time last year and last night everything suddenly started leaning right. Or I did? I’m not sure which. The sensation was enough to take my anxiety level (which had been teetering on the edge of stability all week) right up over the threshold to full anxiety attack. My whole body shook, my hands went numb and I felt like I was dying. Thankfully, my husband held my hand and reminded me to breathe. My faithful pup, Remus, jumped up to lay across me like my own personal (slightly smelly) weighted blanket. (Side note: We really don’t deserve dogs, they are angels that wear fur coats.) It finally passed and I fell asleep for a bit, grateful that both the vertigo and panic were over relatively quickly.

I had a few things scheduled for today all of which were cancelled which left my morning free. I elected to drink a bunch of coffee while laying in bed and binge watching The Circle on Netflix. Three and a half hours later, I cleaned the bathroom (because honestly, when does that shit not need to be cleaned) and my daughter asked me to take her to the bookstore and I NEVER turn down a trip to the bookstore.

We used the 30 min drive to have a dance party and scream our favorite songs as loud as we could. New books were chosen and sniffed (has anyone managed to turn books into a candle smell? Maybe that’s my million dollar idea) and lunch was had. The ride home was more dancing and singing, talking and laughing. Tonight I’ve arranged to see some friends even though my original plans were rescheduled due to weather.

Seems today that my formula for healing was:

coffee + trashy TV + daughter + music + dancing + books + bonding + tacos + friends= heart emoji

What is your formula for getting your happy back? Leave me a comment here or on social media, I’d love to know!

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