day of rest.

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Ah, weekends. Two days off work to relax and recharge for the next week… JUST KIDDING! You’re a parent, this doesn’t apply to you!

This week felt incredibly long. It was trying and exhausting and Saturday turned out to be no different. I hit the ground running as soon as my feet hit the floor and spent the day driving from appointment to appointment followed by some garage sale shopping with my two youngest. At the end, we stopped to retrieve my daughter from a birthday party. I left my family in the car while I went in to get her and returned 10 min later to find everyone shirtless. Apparently waiting for any time over 60 seconds prompts conversion to a nudist colony on the streets of our neighborhood. Exhausted, we opted to order pizzas because as I was getting ready to cook, the two oldest needed a ride so I was back on the road.

Just before bed there was a kerfuffle. I had bought the kids glowsticks which they happily entertained themselves with outside for a bit. As they settled down for rest, one of them decided to bite into a glow stick. Yep. BITE IT. Because why the fuck not? The taste must have been horrific because it sent him into a full blown panic attack while we tried water, mouthwash and pizza to quell the taste. That’s right, nurse mommy was exhausted and tried treating her kid with pizza. It worked (kinda) so suck it, haters.

After the grueling pace of Saturday I made the decision that I was doing nothing on Sunday. I’ll wait until you stop laughing to elaborate…

The toilet was clogged before 8 am. I attempted to watch a movie on Netflix and had to ask my kids to leave my bedroom with their obnoxious YouTube videos no less than 3 times in the 1.5 hours I attempted to carve for myself. The little one used me as a jungle gym and kneed me in the kidney while I attempted to focus on the story line. It was so relaxing.

Realistically, I’ll drink yet another cup of coffee and rage clean my house. I’ll meal plan for the week and order groceries. I’ll put those groceries away. I’ll get my kid to his vaccine appointment. Maybe after dinner I will do nothing. Snort!

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