short shorts.

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While getting cozy in yesterday’s heat I slipped on a freshly washed pair of shorts. I quickly realized they were probably not mine, like, they belonged to my daughter. Tighter and shorter than I typically sport my clothes but I was too lazy and unmotivated to change and they fit well enough for me to wander around the house in.

Ollie settled to bed quickly and I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a few moments to myself while the other kids were playing a game. I slipped quietly out of the bedroom and walked straight into my children playing a game with two girls I didn’t know. One of them was my oldest son’s girlfriend and I guess a mutual friend? Not sure, didn’t stop to ask because I was wearing shorts that could have been underwear, a loose fitting tank top sans bra and a hair buff. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ever walked into a room half naked and find people you weren’t expecting? Well, its terrifying. I quickly hit behind a wall and pretended not to be a hot mess. I fooled no one. I grabbed my water bottle and booked it to my bedroom.

A few minutes later, Sid texted me: “K and his friends are playing a game with the kids”

My response: “I know, I just walked out with my ass cheeks poking out of the bottom of my daughter’s shorts and no bra because I didn’t know people were here.”

He laughed hysterically, I mentally punched him in the groin. Its how a good marriage works.

PLEASE tell me other people have done things like this? I know I can’t be this awkward all alone, right?

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