best laid plans.

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A few extra days off work allows time to take care of some of those “to-dos” that remain undone. Cleaning, organizing, purging, deep cleaning, shopping… you know, a day “off”.

When you’re a working parent that typically means that your vacation days don’t get used for vacation. They get used for doctors appointments, school meetings, cleaning, errands and all the other things that get neglected while you’re slaving away 40 hours a week. So when do you get a true day off? Hardly ever.

This particular weekend I had days off and decided to try and tackle some things. I accomplished cleaning and reorganizing my room, then the living room. Sid hung the curtain rods that have been sitting, neglected, on our hutch for over a month now. We cleared out clothes and old blankets for donation and moved the furniture to find any science experiments my kids may have unknowingly started under the couch. This mostly involves strawberries for some reason… who knows.

Our son turned 9 so we spent our first day “off” as a family at Dave and Buster’s, making our kids and hearts happy while simultaneously putting our wallets in a deep depression. Saturday we had cake with family and the kids got to play with their cousins which was much needed.

Sunday I spent a majority of the day in bed due to a head cold (not COVID) that made me feel like my brain was marinating in some sort of alternate reality stew. My body felt fine but my head not so much so I accomplished simply washing our bedsheets and putting together a grocery order. This morning after coffee I cleaned out my car, dropped off the donation bags, picked up groceries, unloaded said groceries, made dinner, cleaned out the guinea pig cages, cleaned the kitchen and did a load of dishes and started some laundry. DayQuill, you da real MVP.

For the rest of the day I will attempt to do nothing. This will ultimately be thwarted by my children in some way, shape or form but I’m gonna try anyway. Of course the list of things I wanted to accomplish remains unfinished but that’s been the same for like 20 years now so… oh well. Best laid plans, right?

Reading and crafting are sadly off the table because I can’t concentrate so I’m gonna hit up some good ol’ fashioned TV. I finished Mare of Easttown and binged the entire third season of The Sinner while attempting to rest yesterday… any other recommendations for shows?

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