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There are certain things in life that just fill my soul with an immediate sense of peace and joy. They are constant and do this for me every single time, the things I look to when I need a little soul magic. I suppose you could say these are a few of my favorite things..

  1. Books: I can’t quite remember when I fell in madly in love with books. I used to like reading as a kid, getting caught up in far away places and losing myself in a mystery. At some point the smell of books became a trigger in my brain for all the good feels. During times of distress I can often be found in the corner of a bookstore taking deep breaths in through my nose the way other women do in the candle aisle at Home Goods. In the last year or so I have also come to adore audio books but they will never hold a candle to the sensation of a book in my hands and the smell of ink and paper.
  2. Yarn: Last year I suddenly found myself balls deep in yarn. The pandemic left me with a lot more time at home and I decided to learn to crochet and knit. My husband will tell you that when I commit, I commit hard. I spent HOURS teaching myself, watching videos, texting my friends for help and swearing but I’ve made some beautiful things. Not only has this allowed me to make very personal gifts but I’ve sort of reconnected with my grandmother’s memory which has made yarn a new “feel good” item in my life and I’m not mad at it.
  3. Tea: Now, this one I can trace back. Etched into my brain are the lace edges of my grandparents placemats and the sweetness of a Lorna Doone dunked into a cup of Red Rose tea. The clink of the ceramic as I played with the endless number of little animal statues that my grandmother collected from those boxes of tea. The comfort of so many small conversations enjoyed while both hands clutched a hot mug. As a bonus to these memories I’ve developed a working knowledge of teas to help with some of life’s ailments… you know, magic.
  4. Sunsets/rises: I’m not a morning person so I’m typically more of a sunset viewer but the rise has the same effect. Something about the colors lights my soul on fire and ignites passion and joy. There is so much peace in just sitting for a few moments to enjoy the beauty that comes with the start and end of a new day.
  5. Snuggles: While the making children part of my life is over, I’ll never stop yearning for the feel of a warm, smushy newborn snoozing on my chest. Of all the sensations of being a mom, this is one of my very favorites. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long in the grand scheme of things. If we are lucky, we get a few years where that teeny babe still wants to cozy up and lay still against you, believing you are the most important thing in the whole world. They also know to use this as leverage so you’ll forget that they can’t manage to pee in the toilet or that they dumped baby powder over an entire room or that they decorated your couch with a full container of shredded parmesan cheese. Jerks.
  6. The smell of my kids heads: OK. Hear me out. This starts the moment they place that babe on your chest. The sweet smell of a newborn baby is something like a drug. I’d put money on it. I think cheese is also like that… FOCUS. Ok. In the time after their new car smell wears off that scent slowly gets replaced by the shampoo or lotion you use when you give them a bath and really just their natural smell. Now, I urge you to exercise caution with this one because at some point, they get over ripe. One day they smell like lavender and sunshine and fucking unicorns and then around third or fourth grade the smell of turning onions sneaks up on you. I suggest annoying them into more frequent bathing and resisting deep whiffs unless you know they have complied.
  7. Water: Preferably the ocean. Large lakes, ponds, streams, etc. also cut it for me. Most of the time I have to resort to a good, hot shower or bath due to physical and time restraints but it gets the job done. I hear there is something about negative ions in the forest or moving water which sounds like a bad thing but apparently its not. Regardless, water does something to my insides. It re-centers and relaxes me, I find it healing. It’s also crucial to keep your kids from smelling like old sandwiches so that’s a double benefit.

Do you have things like this? Things that immediately provide you with happiness and tranquility? I’d love to hear them!!!

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  1. This was a great one! Here are my things:
    Peeper frogs- I have such fond memories of driving in the car to my grandparents house and driving slowly by this pond in Parsippany on the way there, knowing that the warmer temperatures have arrived and summer will be coming soon.
    Thunderstorms- I love a good thunder storm, but more importantly if the thunderstorm is coupled with being at the beach. There is nothing like seeing lightning bolts over the ocean.
    Swimming- I have a been a swimmer since I was a tiny babe, I learned to swim at my grandparents house in their backyard pool. Then I grew up to become a lifeguard and swim instructor.
    Campfires- any type, indoor or outdoor, the smell of a good wood burning stove or fireplace when it starts to get chilly in November and the outdoor sitting by the fire and making s’mores when the weather gets warmer, I love watching the flames, feeling the warmth, couple that with a child snuggling in my lap makes for a perfect evening.
    Music- music has always been the heart of my soul, I love the sound of a marching band in a parade, I love turning up the tunes on the radio while i am alone in my car on the drive to work, and I love that my school plays music instead of ringing buzzers to start and end classes.

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