week of Wadleigh. a summary.

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Since starting this blog I have kept a note going on my phone to capture all the weirdness that occurs around here to share with you all. Surprisingly (not really), it fills up pretty quickly. Here is this week so far:

Upon completing my grocery order this week I was very impressed with myself that I came in way under budget. On Tuesday I realized that the reason I did so well was that I forgot to get all of the meat on my list which additionally meant I could make like NONE of the recipes I planned. Thankfully, Sid and Oliver accepted the mission of going out fixing my error.

On another shopping note, I now have to buy a third bottle of shampoo this week because if I leave Oliver alone in the tub for 20 seconds he uses the entire bottle to make “potion”. Now, I’ll agree this makes the bathroom smell fantastic but um… I need to wash my hair. Good thing I switched to cheap shampoo.

Do you misplace your phone a lot? I do. Sometimes I misplace it right in my hand while I’m actively looking for it. I have also, more than I should admit, found it in places like the refrigerator. I reached a new level of phone misplacement this week though so hold on to your butts. While doing chores, straightening up, etc. I noticed that I didn’t have my phone so I began the search. I checked in all the places it should be (and never is) and some of the more unusual locations I’ve set it down. No luck. Of COURSE its on silent so calling it won’t help. Let me sit down on the bed for a second while I mentally retrace my steps…. OH! It appears I have made my phone into the bed. There she was, right between the mattress protector and the fitted sheet, nuzzled up for a long winter’s nap.

Are you a cat person? I’m more of a dog person but I do like cats. You know when I could do without cats though? When I look out my window while working to discover my shirtless neighbor chasing two cats around my back yard.

Speaking of outside, the warmer weather has been nice to get my family out of the house. There’s been gardening and pond swimming, silly string and sparklers. Oliver really enjoys finding worms. He also likes to assign them personalities- he holds them up to Sid and said “oh this one is shy” “this guy is cheeky”. We have a very broad range of worm personalities, apparently.

Our foxes are still around. The den must be nearby because we hear them every night. Luckily some white noise has been helping both us and the dogs to ignore them. A gang of turkeys has been hanging around now, mostly in the yard behind ours. I’m going to take this opportunity to apologize to my neighbors for loudly gobbling at them in attempt to make them respond… I guess I should really lay off the comments about my shirtless neighbor chasing cats when I’m outside gobbling at turkeys? OK. Fine. Sid chased one out of our driveway last night (a turkey, not a neighbor) and I REALLY wish I had been home to see it. I’m also glad he didn’t get pecked to death, those turkeys can be assholes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief summary of “alternative” living. There will be more, there always is, that the magic of this place.

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