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Have you ever wanted to meet amazing people, wander amongst fairy lights and buy beautiful handmade things all at once? Or maybe you would like to meet a mermaid, get some fairy hair sparkle and enjoy some music? Are add your own alcohol potions your thing? You can find it all at the lunar faire!

Last Thursday I had the honor of attending the very first Lunar Faire NJ under the new moon in Oakland, NJ. For weeks I was wriggling with excitement to check this out and it certainly didn’t let me down. From the moment you walked in the atmosphere was full of magic. Lights, bubbles, happy humans and beautiful items for purchase were abundant from the second we stepped foot on the beach. Oh, did I mention it was ON THE FRIGGIN BEACH?! Within the first 10 ft. a beautiful, one of a kind, lunar flower pot from Pots By Mykel caught my eye. It was made specifically for pride month and was simply stunning- I purchased it IMMEDIATELY. LOOOOK AT IT. We actually loved it so much we contacted him to procure a matching saucer. I swoon every time I look at the pair of them.

There were so many incredible vendors and artisans. Plants, soap, jewelry, art, clothing, macramé, wood, oils… the list goes on and on! Here are a few pictures displaying just a bit of what is available:

Of course I couldn’t resist checking out the potions lab which provided non-alcoholic delights. Lucky for me I had an airplane bottle of vodka stashed in the sunglasses holder of my mini-van so I added a bit of extra magic to my elixir!

Let’s talk about the vibe. It was so amazingly chill, not a single bad energy in the place. This may have been the smoke cleansing on arrival or perhaps the recent legalization of cannabis- either way it was a whole scene. There were food trucks for munchin’, music for jammin’ and even Uncle Floyd (cable access TV legend) was walking around!

Hats off to Tiff, Kelly, Robyn and Debbie who organized this amazing event! I know you worked so hard and you NAILED IT. You guys created so much magic in one place I vote that you’ve all officially been promoted to goddess status! We have already purchased tickets for the next one (June 24th for the full moon) which you can get here. If you decide to come, keep an eye out for us and say hello! Hope to see you there!

Walk amongst the fairy lights with me!

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