mom is closed.

Arriving home from a week away is almost as hectic as trying to leave. There’s the unpacking, the laundry, the vacuuming… you get it.

The alarm went off at 7 am and I hopped to it. Took 5 min listening to the ocean before I started running like a mad woman. Cleaned and sanitized the entire apartment we rented, packed all the things and left Sid to play luggage/child Jenga to fit everything in the van. An hour and a half and one pitstop later (because my kids couldn’t make it home without peeing) we were in our driveway. There’s no ocean in the backyard here so F this noise…

Got the van unloaded, kissed all my animals and got back in the car to pick up our kitten. Yeah, that’s right. We don’t have enough chaos here and we adopted a kitten.

Arrived home after cat acquisition and built her some furniture. Standard cat tree and scratching post that looks like a cactus. Get it? CAT-ctus? BA DUM TSHHHHHHHH! Set up her litter box and introduced her to the dogs-she is NOT a fan. Hoping she comes around soon and they become best friends.

Here is the little ball of cuteness. I’m pretty sure she’s reminding me that I forgot she came with a shirt that says “F&ck Dogs”.

After all that I scoured my house, including the bathroom and kitchen. Ran the vacuum. Started the laundry. Unpacked the suitcases. Meal planned for the week. Ordered the groceries. Sid told me he was tired today, I didn’t punch him. GOLD FRIGGIN STAR for me!

The current time is 7:40pm and I JUST sat down. Mom is officially CLOSED. Tomorrow, mom is taking a GD vacation day. I don’t wanna know nothin’ about nothin’. Except picking up the groceries I ordered. Oh, and the 267 requests my kids make of me for life sustaining tasks like eating, etc. Damnit. Listen. I’m pulling the “go ask dad” card as many times as I can tomorrow. MOM IS CLOSED.

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