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Remember when I was taking a day off on Sunday? I was just kidding, I didn’t. Shockingly (sarcasm) my brain screwed up my entire time table and I had a ton of stuff to do. Oh well! I haven’t written much lately even though there’s been a bunch going on. Allow me to sing you the song of my brain over the last week…

Sid and I have been preparing for our first appearance at the Lunar Faire NJ which was scheduled for today (7/23). If you haven’t heard about this incredible event like where have you even been?! Kidding again. You can read about the vibe here. Turns out the event went viral on TikTok after the last one and it sold out so incredibly that they lost the venue scheduled for tonight’s event. While I am bummed I’m electing to look at the positives here:

  1. My new friends have created such an amazing experience that the reason it’s not happening is due to OVERWHELMING success. This makes my heart so full for them, I cannot wait to watch them continue to grow this community.
  2. This has allowed another two weeks for Sid and I to create some beautiful things to vend at the next event on 8/8.

Over the last 20 years I have not allowed myself so much time to be creative. Although I was stressing about the time crunch, we are finding so much joy in art. My daughter has been helping Sid make his runes and is learning to wood burn which is REALLY cool. It’s another thing that has allowed us to teach our children and grow together as a whole. Have you ever had a feeling that you’ve slipped into something new that will be really great? That’s where I’m at.

On to family updates. Kitten is doing really well, we love her so much it hurts a little. We are all kitten smitten and my phone is now filled with a gazillion pictures of her sleeping, so I’m officially THAT chick. Whatever, it makes me happy. Dogs are curious but keeping a distance mostly, we are getting more progress in harmony every day. I’m getting used to hearing things crash to the floor followed by the tinkling of a tiny collar bell- stinker.

I mean. COME THE FUCK ON with this cuteness!

Yesterday, Sid had to be out of the house most of the day and my kids decided it was a great time to turn into demon spawn. There was fighting, screaming, biting, kicking, hair pulling and general chaos (shocker). At some point in the afternoon I lost my ever loving mind (and my voice) and screamed at the top of my lungs that if they wanted to continue having a place to live they needed to calm the fuck down and let me do my job. Minor hiccup overall I guess? They got it together after that, thank goodness.

So, in summation, we are busy bees as usual but we are generally happy bees. And working bees. Buzzzz. In a few weeks we will be heading off to the Outer Banks and I am already deciding to take one entire day to myself, a REAL vacation day. Who wants to take bets it won’t happen? Le sigh…

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