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When I started this blog I always knew I wanted it to reflect who I am. I’ll admit, I’ve toyed with reformulating to try and make a real “business” out of it but I just can’t do it. It’s been about three months since I started sharing my thoughts VERY publicly and I wanted to sort of update expectations of what you will find here.

Every book and article you will find about blogging (for money) will tell you that you need a VERY specific niche to stand out and gain traction. Entries should be focused on the reader and offering them what they need. I suppose I attempt to do this but instead of teaching you how to cook anything at the end of a long winded post, I offer my humor and perspective and I teach you that I will remain surrounded by madness because apparently chaos is my love language.

Recently, Sid and I have been working on products to vend a the upcoming Lunar Faire in Sparta on 8/8. I recently shared about how busy yet wonderful it is, this has held steady. More importantly in this process we have made new connections and new friends. We have been able to explore ourselves from a different angle (insert sexual joke here) and evaluate the things we have to offer to others that bring us joy.

My writing will always include funny stories about my family and tales of my awkward weirdness. This was my biggest intention in the creation of Magic of Chaos but recently its sort of been expanding. We are planning to start offering commission work in yarn and wood (another sexual joke goes here) and are trying to figure out the best way to do this on a sort of small but meaningful scale.

I also like to write about the things that bring me joy (outside of the humans who rule my chaos) such as books, crafting and tea. I want to try new things and tell you about them. Maybe I’ll split the blog into categories so you can spend time only in the humor or only in the books.

We’ve decided to vend under the Magic of Chaos umbrella which creates a sort of business card conundrum. Like how do you hand someone a card and explain that the blog exists but that I also make barefoot sandals and my husband plays with wood (this joke writes itself). So essentially what I’ve created is a business with it’s own chaos… shocker!

As you can tell, I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been pretty upfront about this from the beginning guys so if you didn’t see this coming, that’s on you Rebecca.

Essentially what I really would love to manifest is a small little side “business” that we enjoy, that connects us with other amazing people and that allows us to feel creative and fulfilled.

So now I turn to you, dear friends and close family and other members who have found me by accident and also you guys in the back that may just have more of a clue about life than me… What do YOU want to see? Should the site add categories for posts and a separate area for orders/merchandise? What do I call myself on my business card? Will Staples print “Magic of Chaos Proprietor, Amanda Wadleigh. Known for crocheting satchels of assholes to vend at a night market” or is that too wordy? Will they put assholes on a business card? Can I just get business cards that say “ASSHOLES” for fun?

Focus. Ok, sorry. If you’ve stayed with me this far, we were meant to be friends. Also, for those of you who read my work, it really helps me if you share and/or like my posts.

Bottom line here is that I don’t think I could ever commit to a specific niche. My brain is CLEARLY not focused enough for that and I like to offer myself to you exactly as I am which is usually kind of tired, unsure of what’s going on, crying over the cuteness of baby animals, minimally brain filtered and ALWAYS full of love.

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