make a wish.

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How do you make wishes? I’ve seen wishes made when candles are blown out and on stars. Wishes can be made on dandelion clocks or at certain times of the day and apparently with just a glass of water and some intention. At our house we some times make wishes on eyelashes that have fallen out.

When I spy an eyelash on my kids cheeks I will gently remove them and hold them up on my finger. I tell my kid to make a wish and blow the eyelash away. I don’t know where it came from but they like it so I keep doing it.

As the smallest, Oliver is currently the firmest believer in the power of the eyelash wishes. I love seeing the joy on his face when I spy a fallen lash and tell him its time to think of a wish. Today as he was walking around the house naked (I know, so weird right?) he approached me and told me he found a wish!

Getting all excited I said “OH! You found an eyelash on your cheeks?!” and he replied “No, mom. I pulled a hair off my penis. Here. Can you do the wish?”

HOLY. SHIT. Please take a moment and picture my face, equal parts horrified and nearly imploding from holding back laughter that threatened to erupt directly from my deepest gut. It was with some regret and a LOT of stifled laughter that I had to explain to my child that pulling a dog hair off your penis is not really wish generating activity.

Are you a wisher? When do you make your wishes? Also, how do you get this kid to wear his damned pants?

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