tornado warnings, tacos and gratitute.

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I started mentally writing this post the other day when I received a gift in the mail from a friend. A gorgeous human being that I get to call “framily” pre-ordered me a book that combines my love of yarn, my love of crochet and my love of Harry Potter! Now, a few points to make here:

  1. Yes. I know. I’m in my “mid to late thirties” and I’m still obsessed with Harry Potter and all its paraphernalia. I’m firmly committed to this and if you think I need to “grow up” or whatever… I hope you stub your little toe. Like a lot.
  2. The author of my beloved series turned out to be someone I blatantly disagree with. I’m avoiding name calling here- SEE I am grown up. Also, she can go suck it.

Now that that is out of the way, OMFOOOOORKING GAAAAAHD. I’m so excited about this book. My intuition tells me there will be many trips to the yarn store and I will spend the whole winter making HP themed things from yarn. Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so.


On to other things. Last night I tucked into bed early as I wasn’t feeling well, maybe around 9pm. Around 12:30, Ollie woke me up to use the bathroom so up I went to handle his bladder. Being that I was now awake it was hard to fall back to sleep but sometime more than an hour later I eventually did. At 2:45 am EVERY SINGLE DEVICE in the house screeched an emergency alert: TORNADO WARNING! Take cover!

Somehow I was the only one startled awake by this and my brain, still blanketed in the sweet folds of sleep attempted to work out how nervous I should be.

Brain: Is warning worse? or watch? What do the tacos tell me? REMEMBER THE TACOS. I think warning means we are definitely having tacos for dinner. Right? Watch is the ingredients? Shit. Google.

Yes, brain. Tacos for dinner.

Shit. OK. Tacos are coming. NO. Wait! TORNADO is coming. OK. BREATHE. Where do we go? We all won’t fit downstairs. But we have to. How do I transport the guinea pigs downstairs and keep them safely? Shit. Where is the kitten? Oh lord. I have to start waking up kids.

HOLD THE PHONE. You want to WAKE the children?!?! Is that REALLY necessary? I mean, its NJ right? We’re not in Kansas, Toto. There won’t REALLY be a tornado right? Shit. The warning says Rockaway specifically! GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

In the end, apparently I decided that waking my kids for potentially no reason was worse than death because I let them slumber while I stared out the window for signs of heavy weather. Not my finest mothering moment I suppose. But moms, do you feel me? Like if you’re gonna wake up 5 children… there had BETTER be a MFing tornado. Right?

Ugh. Today will be mainly comprised of coffee and my short span of patience from being up most of the night worried about taco ingredients. Send caffeine. And a therapist?

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