blessed MF-ing be.

Yes, ok. This is me talking about the Lunar Faire NJ once again! To be fair, it’s become such an awesome thing in our lives that it’s really hard NOT to share. Today’s post is more of that but focused on the relationships we are building so here goes.

First of all, my heart is so full of radiant energy and gratitude this morning I could almost say it’s painful. But like, in a great way. The Lunar Faire has put us in touch with so many amazing artists and vendors and its kind of like knowing that every two weeks you’re gonna hang out with your new friends for laughs, support and magic. What’s better right?

Last night I actually got a chance to get out and chat with even more new vendors. We exchanged info and once I get unpacked I can’t wait to connect on the interwebs with them as well. It’s like knowing a bunch of people that understand you, don’t consider you competition and love exchanging tips and tricks to make your vending lives better. What a concept right? Meeting strangers and supporting the shit out of them? I FRIGGIN LOVE IT.

It’s also sort of become a habit of ours that as we make some money we wander and use that money to support other vendors at the faire. We get beautiful and unique things and ensure that our fellow vendors know we love them… again, I can’t find a single bad thing about this arrangement.

At the end of the night, two lovely witches visited our booth to purchase one of my crochet spiders. Came to find out that she had been searching for us all night and had taken a screen shot of my post so she could purchase one… I literally cried. If you are reading this, you made my entire night and I am so grateful for you. I’m going to work on making them bigger too- you’ve inspired me!

If you still have no idea what the Lunar Faire is- FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME GO CHECK IT OUT! Follow them on IG here and we hope to see you in the future!

Lunar Chicks- you are chaos, badassery and amazeballsness all mixed together in a cauldron and I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you for your support, encouragement and inspiration to sell assholes at a night market- Blessed MFing Be!

Featured image is the incredible work of Christy Warren Photography and features Fairy Kate in action at the fairy hair booth!

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