Bravery exists in so many forms. Sometimes is trying something new. Other times it’s knowing enough about yourself not to try. Whatever form it takes, it’s always pretty amazing.

We started our trip by hitting H2OBX (water park) on our way down to the Outer Banks yesterday. Before we had even left the hotel, my son showed just how brave he could be by getting in an elevator just before we left. Owen hasn’t used an elevator in like 3 or 4 years after getting briefly stuck in one. This was HUGE. Even if he never does it again, his courage yesterday was so amazing it took my breath away.

When we got to the park, Oliver took the plunge and tried water slides. He loved it so much he mostly just got to the bottom, yelled “AGAIN!” and got back in line. Owen and Lily BOTH tried one of the GINORMOUS water slides. Another one in the “doing something even though it scares you” category. Here’s the thing- Owen was also brave enough to say he didn’t like it when he was done. That is also brave- knowing yourself enough to tell those around you that you’re not going to do it again.

Sometimes it’s incredibly brave to simply say “no” for your own benefit. Seeing my kids learn this early is encouraging. It took me a LONG time to learn that one, I hope it sticks with them.

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