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As of today, we are officially out of Covid time out. We have to continue strict masking for five more days, but we can do necessary things. My poor children have been so cooped up, I decided to break for a little freedom this morning and take them for a hike in the woods. So, in twelve degree weather we bundled up, grabbed a dog and hit the trail.

It was a short-ish walk, being that the temperature was the equivalent of being locked in a chest freezer with the chicken breasts but it gave us a little fresh air and time to chat- and chat we certainly did.

We talked about the frozen stream and the ice crystal patterns. We talked about snow shoeing and followed some tracks. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Wadleigh outing without some bizarre and random exchanges too and my youngest did not disappoint.

I remain unsure as to what prompted this one but as with may of our discussions I’ll probably just wonder until I die. My five year old blurted out “Mom, are nipples good? Or are they bad?”


Neither? Neither right? Nipples aren’t good or bad, they just are? Well, that’s how I chose to respond.

Due to Covid I still have the energy level of a sloth with narcolepsy and after spending what little energy I had hiking and discussing the moral neutrality of nipples, I elected to remain as sedentary as possible for the rest of the day. Obviously, my children don’t give two shits that I’m tired and can’t string thoughts together so I’ve barely sat down since, but I digress.

Anyone want to weigh in on good nipples vs. bad? I could use the back up.

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