I am Amanda, mother of the Wadleigh household.

Outside of child rearing I am also a tea drinker, a yarn crafter, a book reader and sort of terrible at being a homemaker.

Sid is my husband of 15 years, father of my children, plant aficionado and wood working emotional support person to his mess of a wife. There are five children here aged 4-20 who go by Kaiden, Devon, Lily, Owen and Oliver. In addition to this large amount of humans we have three dogs (Sophie, Zander and Remus) and four guinea pigs (Frankie, Niko, Lizzo and Floof Bader Ginsberg). Sounds hectic, right? Yeah, it is. It’s also kind of a blast if you don’t mind the fact that at least one person is not wearing pants here at any given time.

What will I find here in this madness you ask? Ha! Good luck finding anything in this house. Here’s what I can offer: Stories about the chaos of raising children in all stages of growth, most of them involving the need to not take shit so seriously. Oh, and curse words. I use those. Like, a lot. In fact, if you’re easily offended or have never made a mistake in your life this place is probably not for you. If you’re still reading, you’ve found a place where your imperfection is not only accepted but embraced. Where humor helps us all get through the day and you won’t be judged if you forgot which kid was supposed to go to in-person school this morning (yes, I’ve forgotten to send a kid to school).

That’s it? I want my money back.

That’s it. Well, not really. I also want to tell you what you won’t find here. You won’t find me pretending to be a woman with a clean house and perfectly behaved children. I’m trash at fashion and make up and I require my friends to help me decorate my house and shop for my clothes because I was apparently born missing some gene that allows me to function independently in feminine arenas. Also, I didn’t take your money. So there.

Welcome to living a little wild, a lot imperfect and amongst a steady stream of chaos. If you hang around, you’ll find that love and magic exist here in abundance and we are happy to give you the tour… once we make sure everyone is wearing pants.

This site has been created for self-expression and community. The opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of my employer.

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