foxes, ear vacuums and spray bottles.

Also, painting tape, popcorn kernels and suspected murder. It’s been an adventurous few days here. Yesterday I had to get two different kids to two different doctors while working and making it back online for a scheduled meeting at 4 pm. Add lack of sleep due to the urine incident (you can read about thatContinue reading “foxes, ear vacuums and spray bottles.”

least favorite wake-up call?

What is your least favorite way to be woken up? I have a few, this one is pretty tops though. Around 2 am I woke, drenched in sweat. This happens to me sometimes, even though I’m nowhere near menopause because my hormones are assholes. Yuck, I should get up and change but I can’t seemContinue reading “least favorite wake-up call?”

type a?

What is it called when you are most certainly type A, except when you’re not? Psychology has always interested me. In high school it was a class I lovingly looked forward to attending because the human brain is a fascinating and wild place (shout out to the world’s best psych teacher, Ms. Knoll!). Throughout theContinue reading “type a?”

feelings in a waffle cone.

As a bariatric surgery patient I have had to do a LOT of mental work to be successful on my journey to health. One of the things I had to really work on was things that caused me to eat when I wasn’t hungry. I’ve come to learn that like many people, I’m an emotionalContinue reading “feelings in a waffle cone.”

Manic Monday

Here we are again.  It’s Monday and that means return to work/school etc. which is a bummer most weeks, but today was especially difficult.  For those of you who don’t know, our almost 9 year old struggles with some mental health issues.  We’ve been on this journey (which is the nice way of saying exhaustingContinue reading “Manic Monday”

Bears. 3am. Battlestar Galactica.

Two nights ago we had a large, hairy, trash eating visitor. Around midnight the dogs would not settle down and I came to realize there was a bear below my bedroom window enjoying the all you can eat trash buffet set up by my eldest child and bonus child who live in our apartment. SidContinue reading “Bears. 3am. Battlestar Galactica.”